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Programs | Applied AI knowledge, talent and connections

Supporting the development of the Midwest AI ecosystem

Full line of AI programs

Empowering stakeholder groups with knowledge, connections and challenge.

EDIT The largest applied AI conference series in the Midwest.Real case studies and no commercials

Applied AI workshops for non-technical executives. How to apply AI and ML in the enterprise

Mentoring on launching and accelerating artificial intellgience (AI) and machine learning (ML) startups.

Network with one of our local community groups. Attend or propose a partner event

Leading enterprises find candidates. Senior, junior and graduate data science candidates find jobs.

Tech Transfer Fair

Emerging applied AI research. Accelerating the journey for IP to application

Establishing the AI Mental Health and Welness Center of Excellence. What role can you play?

Recommend a new program, or an addition to a current one. Co-produce, market or sponsor AI programming

Have idea, case study or question?  Is there an action you can take today to help drive the AI community forward?

Supporting all community partners

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