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AI + Mental Health

Evolving the definition, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in a data driven world

Mental Health AI Center of Excellence

Our mission

This revolutionary center explores AI mental health applications across across a patient’s lifetime, from its genetic inception to its long term manifestations

The goal is to establish evidence based best practices not only within each area of focus, but the collective and complementary integration across diagnosis and or treatment modalities


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AI applications explored


population guidance, individual treatment,

Drug Discovery

Accelerated development , better targeting.

Clinical Trials

Participant selection, symptom monitoring.

AI Application Efficacy

Testing, evaluation and guidance.

Preventative Care

Wellness programs, lifestyle and environment factors.

Therapeutic Robots

Humaniod,pet or other social robots.


Cognitive function. Brain computer interfaces.

Public Heatlh

Population surveillance.

Virtual Agents

Therapy apps, patient intake, doctor aids

Emotion Detection

Ambient, wearable, mobile and other IOT devices

Clinical Applications

Methods and tools, assessment and management.

Virtual Reality

Interactive therapeutic environments.


Specialized privacy and data usage needs



NEXT STEPS and your involvement

The center is currently recruiting principal investigators, advisory council members and program staff