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AI Talent

Building winning AI teams

AI Talent and Employers

Connect with leading candidates

How we support AI employers

Find the the Data Science talent you need!

Build effective strategies on attracting talent

Design the right operating models

Offer effective ways to qualify the right skill sets needed

Create attractive job descriptions for the right target audience

Provide compensation structure guidance

Attract out of state resources and candidates

Leverage our partnerships with top universities

Progress your career in the AI Field

How we support AI talent

Find your next opportunity in AI field

Coaching  on developing the right skill set and training resources

Help guide individuals on the types of roles offered by employers as well as career transitioning

Offer resources to build one’s network

Provide a resource of information for out of state candidates

Set expectations on compensation structure guidance

Connect with the Midwest and local AI community

Progress in the AI space

Many programs , connections and opportunities await