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AI talent find jobs, careers | Employers meet AI staffing goals

Building winning AI teams

AI Talent and Employers

Connect with leading candidates

How we support AI employers

Staffing the data science team that you need

Develop effective recruiting strategies to meet staffing goals

Host AI job fairs, VIP talent luncheons, other career events

Effective vetting and testing of data science talent.

Establishing your organization as AI employer of choice

Assembling high performance data science teams

Midwest AI job promotion cooperative targeting talent from afar

Produce executive and career development workshops and talks

Progress your career in the AI Field

How we support AI talent

Find your next job or opportunity in AI field

Executive development and career advancement workshops

Identifying the best job opportunities and personal fit

Preferred access to our extensive AI community

Find job and contract opportunities for relocating talent

Connections with leading Midwest AI startups

High visibility roles in our program production and execution

Provide priority job interviews with our enterprise partners

Connect with the Midwest and local AI community

Progress in the AI space

Many programs , connections and opportunities await