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Largest applied AI event series in Midwest | AI leaders share how to

Destination AI's event partner


Produces high quality events featuring AI industry leaders and applied case studies. Preseenters are first party implementers, not commercial providers. Learn how to advance your organization, project and or career in AI.

Features multiple enterprise, startup, social good, later stage research and talent AI tracks. Also includes executive education, career fairs, community events, webinars and great networking .

Event Calendar


  • AI Career Development
  • Midwest Applied AI Conference Series


  • AI Startup Bootcamp
  • Community programs and forums


  • Midwest Applied AI Conference Series
  • AI Social Good Conference
  • AI Career Development and Career Fair


  • Emerging AI concepts
  • Community programs and forums


Industry focused case studies

Applied Enterprise AI Tracks

Provider, payers, pharma, and population based health use cases. AI application in healthcare organization managament as within practice areas such as ophthalmology, cardiology, oncology, radiology, neurology, pulmonology, behavioral health, nursing care and more

AI is becoming your brand ambassador. Use cases across the entire customer lifecycle, from market research to product development, marketing and sales, distribution, service and support.

Minimizing risk and maximizing yield commercial and personal finance. Use cases on lending, personal assistants, trading, insurance, market research, debt collection, regulatory compliance and more.

Many other industries have been featured at our events We are considering the addition of tracks in manufacturing, professional services, IOT and mobility. Open to discussing others with partners.

serving all Ai stakeholders

Other event series tracks

AI leaders share insights. Senior data scientists, career changers, junior AI talent seek new opportunities.

Societal issues, case studies in public policy, social justice, privacy, employment, education, conflict, more.

Experienced founders share how to build an AI startup, up-and-comers and pitch, new startups born at networking

Emerging AI Apps

Accomplished researchers share emerging AI applications; either. A look at Midwest later stage R&D pipeline.