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Leading Midwest AI Innovation Hub

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Largest AI Community in Midwest USA

Destination AI is the leading Artificial Intelligence innovation hub in the Midwest.

It serves entrepreneurs with AI value propositions, enterprises advancing AI adoption, AI researchers looking for more collaboration and funding and AI professionals seeking their future in the AI field.

It acts as a gateway for other regions of the US or globe to collectively connect with AI professionals and resources in the Midwest USA

It is the largest AI Community in the MIdwest USA and part of MARCH (The Midwest AI and Robotics Center for Humans).

Destination is located in Chicago, IL.

Most of programs to date , outside of virtual events, have been in Chicago metro area.

Some of our initiatives are Midwest wide and we have increasing number of members who attend from out of state

We are establishing a presence in other Midwest markets and will assist you in building a local community and events

Over 75% of our community is in the Midwest, with over half of that in Chicago. The balance is national and international.

Our community includes a diverse range of stakeholders. This breadth of involvement is critical to accelerate AI progress.

Student - Looking for a career track in AI, Machine Intelligence or robotics.

Business leader - Need to understand the strategic impact or current applications with respect to your business.

Researcher - Network without crossing the country or globe. Connect with those looking to utilize and apply your ideas.

Practitioner - Expose yourself to a wider angle of topics and new peers in the field.

Entrepreneur - Need investors, partners , mentors and customers?

Domain Expert - AI requires deep expertise to be most effective.

Enthusiast - Help us build the foundation of an important industry for the Midwest.

Investor - - Get an early glimpse of where this field is going. Meet the leading entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Community leader - Figure out how to harness these technologies for your constituencies.

We create, produce and partner to produce programs that help move community members forward and best harness collective strengths of Midwest based AI innovation.

Creation of a community to better focus and coordinate resources.

Advocating for more public local research. Providing venues to increase private research.

Increase AI adoption and success rates in enterprises and organizations across the Midwest.

Assist new graduates and practitioners with career guidance and job/contract placement.

Building more successful AI and Robotics start ups via incubation and acceleration programs

Facilitating regional cooperation and optimization of resources

Offering local graduates more opportunities in the Midwest entailing heavy duty tech challenges.

Spearhead socially conscious initiatives to address the workforce imbalances this technology may cause.


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