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National leader in applied AI and ML innovation

Building Midwest USA Ai leadership

Establishing a top North American AI ecosystem


Destination AI's mission is to make the region a leading applied AI ecosystem. We collectively harness and expand on the capabilities of the Midwest Artificial Intelligence community, while giving preference to human-centered, socially conscious approaches to AI.

We will strengthen ties between local AI communities across the Midwest, as well as connecting globally to the AI world. Our focus on interdisciplinary collaboration is needed to accelerate progress. Join us to advance your professional and organizational success within the AI field.

We have built a community of 10000 + Ai members

Accomplishments to Date

Applied AI Conference

Created leading Enterprise AI Conference series; AI Days..

AI for Social Good Programming

One of a kind showcase demonstrating social impact.

AI Startup Community

Established the largest AI ML Entrepreneur group in Midwest

AI Executive Training

Produced one of a kind bootcamp for non technical business leaders

AI Career Fairs

Established Unique AI focused , community wide event.

AI Startup Bootcamp Series

Informative sessions on how to build an AI Startup

Innovation Partner Collaboration

Co-produced and presented AI programs with many local Partners

AI Careers Programming

Professional development focused advancement and leadership in AI

Destination AI is the place to connect with the heart of the Midwest AI community

More about us and our programming







Additional programs we will be launching or rolling out

Stay tuned for new AI programs

AI in Mental Health SIG

AI in Mental Health SIG

Niche Midwest AI Healthcare can lead in.

AI Tech Transfer

AI Tech Transfer

Commerialize your AI innovation

Midwest Ai Research Consortium

Midwest Ai Research Consortium

Harnessing the collective brain trust of Midwest AI researchers