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Serving Midwest AI stakeholders | Connect to global AI community

Midwest Artifical Intelligence innovation center

Building AI leadership

Advancing your professional and organizational success within the AI field. Leveraging the AI ecosystem on behalf of our partners. We strengthen local AI communities across the Midwest.

Serving a diverse set of stakeholders as challenges in the AI and ML fields are often interdisciplinary. With heavy tech challenges this is needed to sustainably accelerate progress.

Serving These AI Stakeholders

AI Community Groups

Chicago AI DL Group

Linkedin Group focused on emerging applied researcher and enterprise applications

Enterprise AI adoption ; from strategy to operational scaling.

Launching and Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning startups

Focused on researchers and practitioners, emerging AI applications in labs and enterprise environments.

NEW AI and Mental Health

Special interest group, supporting establishment of the AI Mental Health and Wellness Center of Excellenece

Collaborating with partners across the AI ecosystem